Audrey Anderson

Founder & Co Chair

Audrey is a wife, mother, friend, leader and active member of her church. She has a passion for education, community activism, community engagement, and leading others into financial freedom through literacy and visibility. Audrey is a graduate of Ball State University.


My professional journey was one of wandering and searching. I had begun in education, then wandered into social work, then ended up in the financial field. Nothing helped me because there was always a barrier between me and truly helping others. The Flourish Foundation is my solution. I wanted to educate and empower people to break their chains, and understand how much the world needs their genius and how much impact their choices and habits can really make. I see a world where only certain people are allowed to flourish- those who don't fit the mold are left to scavenge. I want to end that. I don't care if my name is remembered, I don't want fanfare, I am not the star of this show. what I do want is impact: to watch the world around me come alive, to see their potential, pursue their passions, to face themselves and change their habits to change their destinies to change this world, and change it for the better. I want to see a world full of people flourishing.

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