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About Flourish

The Flourish Foundation is a full-service financial planning non-profit striving to educate and empower marginalized communities to break free from debt, build wealth, and achieve financial freedom.

With our innovative solutions, fresh, cutting edge strategies, and our winning mindset, The Flourish Foundation inspires individuals to achieve financial freedom and marginalized communities to economic expansion and resilience. The Flourish Foundation offers coaching, mentoring, consultation, workshops and seminars covering everything from wealth building to credit repair and everything in between. No matter where you are in your financial journey, we have what you need at The Flourish Foundation.


Our Mission

The Flourish Foundation tirelessly promotes economic advancement and financial empowerment by providing key resources, community action initiatives,  progressive training programs, courses, workshops, 1 on 1 coaching, and support to the underserved population that reveals unhealthy financial patterns as well as promotes multicultural civic advancement.

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Why Flourish? Why Now?

Lack of visibility and exposure to culture, money, and people can be an invisible barrier that keeps most people bound within the generational curses they were born into. It is no surprise that marginalized “group or types of people” do not have the opportunity to experience the exposure. At Flourish, through our classes, coaching, workshops, mentors and events we break the glass house and give our members access to the knowledge they need financial to flourish.

Repair Credit. Increase Opportunities. Improve Financial Knowledge. Create Wealth withFinancial. Diversity. Improve your Financial Strategy. Increase your Financial Confidence and Build a Legacy.


" I am not bound by what I was born into. I chose to break the curse. Now, I choose to Flourish Financially..."


Our Financial Breakthrough Solutions

Redirect your Financial Future and Flourish with US!


Offered in a one on one and a group setting, this experience is designed to promote financial freedom and build wealth. Participants begin by uncovering their attitudes and habits, challenging and growing their knowledge, and progress to breaking down the barriers between them and their financial goals.


Our training programs are designed to meet participants exactly where they are in their journey. All lessons are designed to fill knowledge gaps while inspiring positive mindset and habit change. Each course promotes healthy conversation and stimulates thought. 

Online Classes

The purpose of our workshops is to provide participants with practical, relevant skills and knowledge. These programs are hands-on, fast paced, dynamic learning experiences designed to help participants apply it quickly and efficiently.



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